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am not a good wife..

i know that...

i hurt his feeling alot..
i dont know why..
but it keep on happening..

i want to be a good person
i want to be a good wife to him...
but i guess i need to try harder..

things happen for a reason..
i believe in that..
but why not trying avoiding it..
why not
trying hard so that it wont happen..

i guess
i'm just a normal person..
who makes mistakes...
in my case
alot of mistakes..

maybe because of this is the real me..

i know i shouldn't hurt his feeling..
but it happen...

wish he will forgive me for doing wrong...
because i know he is such a nice person..

something about him

You were born on 6th of June 1978.

:: Originality.
:: Come with new idea.
:: Get something with your own way.
:: Honest and a quick learner.
:: Initiative and pick the best choice in everything.
:: Boss or a leader.
:: Self employed suit them best.
:: Good things to learn ; other idea and opinion are better; think wisely.

You were born on 6th day of June 1978, Tuesday.

Never give up. Honesty and justice is the main reason they being respected by others. In love they want to give the very best to their loved one. but their dignity is over the roof until they cannot accept why others reject their kindness.

:: color of tranquillity and peace, blue tends to be the most preferred color universally.
:: cool and confident (or wishing to be), blues can be vulnerable.
:: trusting and need to be trusted.
sensitive to the needs of others and form strong attachments, and are deeply hurt if your trust has been betrayed.
:: Blue people aspire to harmony, serenity, patience, perseverance and peace.
:: somewhat social but prefer sticking to your own close circle of friends.
:: You think twice before speaking or acting out.
:: You are generally conservative, even tempered and reliable.
:: Because of the highly developed sense of responsibility of the blue personality, you must be careful of perfectionist tendencies that may make you unrealistically demanding.
:: Your gentleness, however, will win out.


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