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i'm sharing because i care

Mrs Imran thanks for the info..
i would like to share it with all
my blog reader..

i believe in helping each other
make us more close and connected..

so here goes

Dear All,

I've received quite a number of emails inquire for recommended supplements for ladies who want to get pregnant, already pregnant or having problem to get pregnant; (Again couldnt stress more on this PLEASE KINDLY CONSULT GYNAE BEFORE TAKING ANY SUPPLEMENTS)

To conceive (husband & wife need to take supplement, not only the wife)

1. Essentials - complete multivitamin , folic acid included. magnesium, zinc and vitamin A for healthy eggs.
2. BiOmega - good for fertility
3. Active Calcium Plus - good for bones

1. Essentials - Vitamin A and zinc for production of healthy sperm. essential fatty acids found in nuts, seeds and flaxseed oil to balance your hormones and encourage healthy sperm
2. Poly C - Help for those with low sperm count, Vitamin C does wonders for sperm. Studies have shown that sufficient levels of Vitamin C can increase sperm production, enhance sperm quality, and prevent sperm from clumping together thereby increasing their motility. In other words, Vitamin C makes it easier for the little fellows to swim to where they have to be.

Having problem to get pregnant or keeping the baby because of pcos, cyst, irregular period, endometriosis, miscarriage and etc

1. Essentials
2. Proflavanol (stop once pregnant) - for cell repair
3. Coquinone (stop once pregnant) - for cell renewal


1. Essentials
2. BiOmega
3. Active Calcium Plus

Independent Usana Distributor


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