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Kemahiran Bayi perlu di tingkatkan... Betul tak ibu2 sekelian

satu lagi khidmat pesanan dari pihak penaja.. hehe.. tadi baru baca email kan so ni aku nak share le dengan kengkawan ibu2 di luar sana.. berkenaan dengan anak2 kecil kita tuh.. we need to try n develop their skill (byk jenis kemahiran ye example motor skill, communication skill, learning skill).. so ni antara kaedah atau cara tuk mengembangkan kemahiran bayi kecil through playing.. hehe.. bukan susah pun sebab most baby buat benda2 nih

Learning and Play: Developing Baby Skills

Have fun while helping your baby learn these four important skills.For your baby, playtime is work time. While it'll be several years before she starts bringing home a paycheck, she does have a challenging job right now: She's determined to learn new skills every day — and you're her ever-handy assistant, ready to provide the tools of the trade (as well as plenty of encouragement) at a moment's notice. At seven months, here are the four tasks she may be working on, if not right now than in the weeks ahead, and how you can help her master them:

  • Sitting (between four and nine months). Prop her up (in the stroller or on the floor with a nursing pillow behind her) so she gets practice in this position. Show her that this new perspective on the world can be thrilling — there's lots to see, and her hands are free to clap, grab blocks and bang them together, and so many more cool moves.

  • Busy hands (passing objects from one hand to another, clapping, waving; from five to 12 months). Play lots of show and tell, giving her opportunities to watch you move your own hands. Hold her little fists and fingers and help them through the motions of patty-cake and other fingerplay games. Offer blocks of all shapes and textures for her to explore.

  • Crawling (between six and 12 months). Make sure she has plenty of tummy time, so she can practice pushing up and strengthening her arm muscles. Tempt her with toys just out of reach — or use your own smiling face to encourage her to make a move. Do keep in mind, though, that not all babies crawl — some scoot, bear walk, or "swim," while others skip it altogether and go right to cruising. So, if you haven't yet childproofed your home, now's the time — your once-stationary infant will turn into a perpetual motion machine almost overnight.

  • Pulling up to standing; cruising (seven to 15 months). First, ready your baby's environment for this milestone. Make sure any furniture she might try to hang onto is stable and free of sharp corners and edges (pad them if necessary). Keep her barefoot or in nonskid socks so she won't slide on slippery floors. Once you've prepped her play areas, try placing a favorite toy on a sturdy table where she'll need to stand to get it. You can also help her by placing her on your lap to stand, which builds muscles and confidence.

tips berguna ini datangnya dari WhattoExpect .. rajin2 gi lah jengah kat situ.. banyak gak info yang boleh digunapakai.. tapi semua ni berbalik kepada kita jugak.. if we want to then go ahead banyak benda boleh carik dalam Internet.. tapi kalau asyik dok segan n semedang tadak masa.. hmm nasibler kan..


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Fuhh settle satu bab.. tapi yg menunggu masih ada lagi few things.. but now time to rest kejap.. lgpun mau dengan kerja nih tak pernahnya habis.. so yeah take it easy nooo.. wow, cepat jer kan masa berlalu... dah nak habis penggal persekolahan 2016.. (ayat standard cikgu2 menjelang hujung tahun)

Alhamdulillah quite a lot of things happen, byk benda yang tak jangka tapi syukurlah terima semua tuh sebagai ilmu dan rezeki yang Allah kurniakan.. in shaa Allah will do my best in all.. thanks atas kepercayaan yang diberikan..

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Penang with SKTTians

Hello November... 
22 Okt ritu geng sekolah ke Penang.. its a day trip jer saja jalan2..
penang trip with friends was superb.. we're actually waiting for this.. we really need a break from school work and spend some time togethers.. Alhamdulillah dipermudahkanNya segala urusan kami ke sana.. 
started the journey at 830am...

singgah rest n relax kat Gurun untuk bfast... then off we go..

sonoklaaa mek nih dapat naik bas.. masa nih abg Afi n Hn gi UPM for rugby twin pulak ada di rumah my inlaw sonok dapat tengok laut kata Aisyah... yolah before this mmg lain laa rasanya  kalau naik kereta jer atas jambatan tuh.. x puas nmpk laut..

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House of Rugby, Arau

kalau sampai ke Arau.. jemputlaaa singgah ke House of Rugby..
  FLYHALF Lamb Chop RM15 (free iced tea/syrup)

FLYHALF Chicken Chop RM10 (free iced tea/syrup)

Nasi Ayam RENDANG TOK PAH RM5 (free iced tea/syrup)

lepas dekat 3 weeks open baru naik sign board.. semua nih kerja Hn dengan budak2 dia my part hanyalah tolong2 di dapur..