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What do you think about Usana... want to know more (Part II)

hhaaaaa kemunculan Part II .. ala sambungan yang lepas tuh..

7. How our cells are damaged? And how USANA repairs them?
Free radicals are highly destructive molecules because they are missing electron, they destroy healthy molecules! A cellular nutrition like USANA will repair your damage cell by providing anti-oxidant which donates their extra electrons to neutralize free radicals.

8. What is free radical & anti-oxidant anyway? Does it got something to do with Maya Karin coffee ads?
Errrr…yeah kinda similar to that Maya Karin ads thingy. Hehe. Ok free radicals can result from our environment. They are also produced by our body in the process of burning food for energy. Well, we cannot avoid them, but we can neutralize their action. That’s it! Neutralize it by antioxidant, food particularly fruits and veggie supplies many types of antioxidants.

9. Oh yeah? I eat fruits and veggie everyday. How’s that?
Good for you dear, but do you know that even very careful eaters find it difficult to ensure they receive the range of essential vitamins, minerals and etc in their daily diet?
Here are some reasons;

Food Choice and Habit – we don’t eat sufficiently wide in variety, often sticking to few types of food that we like. Spinach may be full of nutrients, but Popeye isn’t necessarily healthy it that’s all he eats

Over Cooking – for the sake of taste, we boil, fry, roast and grill the goodness out of our food!

Variation in Nutrient Content – the same food cultivated in different locations can end up containing very different nutrient profiles

Oh btw, do you know that one orange can have 5 times more nutritional value than another. So my question now……errrr which orange did you just eat?

10. Ok ok..I got your point already that USANA provide the best and complete nutrition in one pill. But other than you who says USANA is best among the best? Any recognition, award? Third party endorsement? Or doctors recommendation perhaps?

Easy peasy! Sure, it just that I have problem with space and with award should I start first…Hehe.
Ok here we go to name a few;

Listed in Medical Professional References (The Physician’s Desk Reference – PDR) – the most widely used compilations of prescribing information for physicians in the United State

USANA facility is designed to meet Pharmaceutical grade Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Under US laws, supplement manufactures are only required to adhere to the same standards as food makers, but USANA voluntarily adheres to the stricter “pharmaceutical standards” which to ensure that its products are free from contaminant, raw materials are of assured potency, every tablet contains the amount of each ingredient as stated on the label and each tablet dissolves completely for absorption.

USANA supplement ESSENTIALS ranked #1 by Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplement 4th Edition. This book is available at MPH and Kinokuniya Book Stores. It also ranked other brand of supplements (mainly in US & Canada) such as Shakle*, Am*ay, Herb*life, 21st Cen*ury, Centru*, Life Pa* & etc based on the score. You may check score for each of the supplement and its ingredients in this book. I am not going to show other supplements score here for certain reasons. (but u can personally request it from me)

Comparative Guide to Nutrional Supplements

Price RM94.90

USANA - one of the top rated products

Close up - 5 star gold medal
The Brand Laureate SME’s Chapter. Best Brand Award 2007, 2008, 2009. USANA founder received Albert Einstein Award.

The BrandLaureate 2007-2009

11. I’m not sick at all. Why should I take the supplement?
Well, are sure you are not going to be sick tomorrow? Or in future. I’m not saying that by taking good supplement will suddenly turn you into immortal or superhero, but it can lower your risk of having degenerative diseases and can also increase your immune system.

tada all the info is there...


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check tempat penginapan..

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dan ucapan penutup dari Pengerusi

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