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buat jer kat umah.. bukannya susah pun.. hehe...

cuba cakap sapa yang tak suka kelihatan cantik.. kat umah jer buatnya.. tak yah nak kalut da pi spa (haaa sesuai le tuk orang cam aku... da bertahun plan nak gi spa tapi sampai ke sudah tak pegi jugak).. jom baca..

Need some R&R? Try these simple at-home spa treatments and give yourself a lift.

Okay, when was the last time you cut your hair? Or did your nails? If you can't remember, it's probably not your baby-addled mind playing tricks on you. It's just your actual crazy life, in which taking anything longer than a two-minute shower seems like a major beauty accomplishment. But taking care of yourself is an important part of taking care of someone else (your baby!). Besides looking better, you'll feel better, and that effect will definitely trickle down to your little one.

You don't need to block out a day of beauty at a fancy spa (but more power to you if you can). Just set aside some time for a little beauty boost once in a while. Hey, making the appointment is half the battle, ladies.

Give your hair a mini-makeover. Your life has changed — shouldn't your hair keep up? Consider a sassy, shorter do that's easy to maintain, or try some highlights for a bold (but not too bold) pick-me-up. Not up for a big change? Just go for a deep conditioning treatment and a good trim…then treat yourself to some cute clips or ponytail holders.

Neaten up your nails. Go for a manicure (and add a pedicure if you can swing it, for that extra aaaah-factor) to keep your nails looking groomed and pretty. Choose a neutral shade that won't show chips so easily. (Unless you wear rubber gloves all day — not!) And keep nails short and rounded — long, pointy eagle-like talons aren't exactly practical for big-time diaper changes, not to mention all those snaps and buttons on a baby's wardrobe!

Get a facial. If you can, splurge on a professional treatment, but if you can't spare the time or the bucks, try whipping up your own complexion concoction with a combination of natural skin-soothing ingredients. For example, this homemade mask works wonders on irritated skin:

Soothing Mask

1 cup plain yogurt (it feels particularly great straight from the fridge)
½ cup oatmeal (nothing fancy here — any type works)

Mix together and apply to your face; leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and a washcloth. (If your skin is oily, add a few drops of lime juice to the mix. Dry skin? Stir in two tablespoons of honey.)

Go for the rub. There's nothing more soothing to your body and soul than a massage. Again, a professional rubdown is the ultimate treat, but you can also enlist your partner to roll up his sleeves, pour on some oil, and knead your tension away. Pressed for time? A mini hands-and-feet massage can be very effective (and easier to finesse as you sit on the sofa with your partner tonight).

Take a soak. A session in a steam room or sauna will not only relax your tired muscles but will open your pores to remove impurities as well. If that's not an option, reserve time (let Daddy do bedtime duty today) for a nice long soak at home. Add a few drops of essential oils like lavender or sandalwood to calm your mood, break out your loofah, light a scented candle, turn on your favorite tunes…and kiss your stress good-bye.


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kedai baby best di Kulim..

alamak aku lupa pulak namanya.. tapi mmg best kedai baby nih.. adik aku pun siap dengan gumbira tiap kali balik kulim.. harus ke kedai baby tuh tuk beli stock barang2 adam..
pasni stock barang2 baby baru pulak kan Nurul.. hehe..
lepas je balik dari JJ.. kami singgah ke sini.. sebabnya.. nak gi tengok jugak rega tuk diapers.. aku mmg nekad nak beli jugak.. yelah aku dah masuk 34 week.. sakit2 di bawah perut mmg dah terasa.. walaupun the real contraction belum terasa.. yeke..

so before that.. kami ke Farmasi Mega Kulim.. ni pun salah satu kedai yang wajib dilawati setiap kali balik kulim.. alkisah.. sejak dari kecik.. anak2 aku kalau sakit demam batu semua.. ubatnya harus dibeli di situ.. so  beli ubat tuk Nisa... then terus ke kedai baby itu..
masuk2 jer terus tanya ada tak diapers tuk newborn (apa punya soalan daaa....) haruslah ada kan... terus je amoi cina tu bawak ke bahagian belakang kedai.. terus cekau 1 pack Huggies Ultra for newborn..

reganya RM28.90.. aku tak tau le murah ke idak rega nih.. murah kot kan.. t…

Not again...

Adik yg p cucuk alih2 abgnya yg demam. Adoiii laaa... Get well soon please my boy.. Its hurt seeing u like this

Ini kali ke dua dlm bulan nih Afi demam.. Td masa amik Afi kat umah bs, she told me Afi pun da refused makan ubat. Dia cadangkan suh amik air penawar plak kat ustaz...

Told Hn but unfortunately tmpt ustaz tuh da tutup at 5pm.. Wpun da beberapa kali Hn jumpa ustaz tuh utk ubatkan my BIL tp dia x tau umah ustaz tuh kat mana.. Hmm hopefully esok Hn akan bwk Afi g berubat. Betul gak ckp bs tuh.. Maybe sbb mkn byk sgt ubat so bdn da imun..

Jaringan dan Jalinan

my passion..
since 2016, SKTT dengan SKCJ dah jadi pioneer school untuk satu projek Kelab Doktor Muda Negeri Perlis..
Intervensi Instruktor Kecergasan  di kalangan anak2 KDM sekolah.. 

 this was like the 2nd phase of the program. 

the teachers...
"If you cant figure out your PURPOSE, figure our your PASSION. For your passion will lead you directly to your purpose."

the fasi...
with the girls.. habis program dewan besar jadi depa punya.. sakan sungguh anak2 dara nih bila ada peluang utk tunjuk bakat..
the coach..
our HM with the facilitators.. thanks all for being here with us..

"When your passion and purpose are greater than your fears and excuses,  you will find a way"
"People with great passion can make the impossible happen."
we work so hard since 830-1230... tired but worth it...
regangan asas latihan drill senamrobik tabata