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kenapa nak beli toys banyak2...

Nine Best Toys for Young Toddlers

What do you get a baby who's about to turn one? You can't go wrong with playthings that leverage learning.
Ready to shop for your baby's first birthday gifts (or give Grandma some ideas)? Look for toys that your little one who's about to turn one will not only delight in, but build upon, her budding skill set. Here's a list of the best types for your precocious almost-toddler.
  • Moving: Ride-on toys and anything that she can push or pull, such as toy lawnmowers, grocery carts, and doll strollers, are almost always a hit with new or nearly there walkers.
  • Creating: Offer fat crayons or finger paints (all nontoxic, of course) so she can try her hand at art.
  • Making music: Invest in a set of inexpensive, durable instruments (a small drum, a set of maracas, a kazoo, etc.) for your baby to rock out with. These are sure to be a hit for years to come.
  • Filling and emptying: Any toy that allows your baby to put things in and take them out will likely fascinate her now. You can look for a plaything designed for this purpose (such as a soft "fishbowl" with assorted sea creatures), or give your baby a box or basket with a variety of small (but not too small, of course) toys or items inside.
  • Sorting shapes: Shape-sorters come in, well, all shapes and sizes, some with lots of bells and whistles and some without. Start by showing your baby which shape goes in which hole. You'll be surprised how quickly she catches on.
  • Manipulating (and we don't mean wrapping Mom and Dad around her little finger!): Help your baby build fine-motor skills with toys featuring switches, buttons, pulls, and other gadgets to keep little hands and fingers busy.
  • Pretending: A toy kitchen stocked with pretend food, a dolly clutching a bottle, cars to race on a miniature track: All are big hits with the toddler crowd, boys and girls alike.
  • Splashing: Many toddlers love to play in the tub. Simple bath toys that allow her to experiment with pouring, filling, sinking, and floating are fun — and teach math and science skills to boot.
  • Reading: A child can never have too many books! Especially appealing now are sturdy, interactive stories that offer touchy-freely patches or flaps to lift.

thanks to for the informative information... so lepas nih.. tak yah ler buang duit (eh terpulang duit korang) tuk beli mainan banyak2.. sebab my experience sejak dari twin dulu mmg pantang nampak mainan cute n comel sikit harus nak beli tuk dorang.. tapi bertahan nya tak lama.. n bila ditengok2 balik functions adalah sama.. which is just for fun... pasni nak beli mainan leh fikir dulu apa kelebihan toys tersebut


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