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dah berjalan ke anak ko??

sejak berumur setahun Afi da start berjalan.. so far so good.. wpun gaya berjalan tuh lebih ke arah nak berlari... hehe.. how we trained him to walk.. tadak resepi apa pun.. cuma dia berjalan jer.. tapi yang best tuh mmg start2 jalan terus gaya nak berlari.. tanak jalan slow2...

then aku pun barulah baca (da lama terima tapi baru nak baca) this email on info regarding the things we should n shouldn't do for walking toddlers.. korang pun silalah baca yer.. kot2 ada yang boleh dijadikan panduan..

Your toddler is hardwired to take those first steps, but there are things you can do that'll help (or hinder) her as she goes about learning to walk.
Besides the games that you can play with your child that promote coordination, balance, and strength, there are toys and clothing that make it easier for her as she’s cruising (or starting to take a few steps on her own). Then there is gear that can be a hindrance (or downright dangerous). A few things to keep in mind as your toddler learns to walk:

Do get her a push toy. A small shopping cart, say, or a pint-sized lawn mower gives your child control as she grips and pushes it in front of her. Plus, it’ll give her the support she needs as she works those legs, refines her balance, and boosts her confidence. Look for sturdy toys with a bar or handle she can lean on and big wheels that make it harder for the toy to tip over.

Do expect some stops and starts.
A child who’s decided to immerse herself in other developmental feats — such as sounding out the family pooch’s name or feasting on finger foods now that she can pick them up with her thumb and pointer finger — may take a break of a few weeks, or even a month, from walking. Or your little crawler may relish zipping around so much that walking may come later. After all, why stop to try something that, to her, seems slower? Other ambulatory toddlers may suddenly go back to crawling after a bad tumble or an illness.

Do count on some clinginess (and late-night freak-outs). The challenges and strange new freedom of walking can be frustrating or even scary for some toddlers, so don’t be surprised if your child starts having a little more separation anxiety or needs extra reassurances when she’s tired or overstimulated. And some budding cruisers get stuck while standing up — which explains why you might be awakened in the dead of the night by the shrieks of a little someone who has pulled herself up with her crib rails, then panicked when she couldn’t figure out how the heck to get back down. (Be sure to spend some time teaching her how to bend her knees and lower herself down; she’ll get the hang of it after a couple of tries.)

Do keep her tootsies bare. Bare feet give your toddler’s feet a closer encounter with the floor, and that will help develop balance and coordination. (If you’re concerned that it’s too cold in the house, get socks with nonskid soles.) For outdoor excursions, keep the shoes lightweight and flexible. Stay away from tall booties or groovy high-top sneakers — too much ankle support can actually slow down your walker by constricting her movement.

Don’t overdress her. If she’s old enough to try cruising during winter, the season’s bulkier clothes and slippery socks may slow her down. No matter the season, keep her outfits simple when she’s in training mode — neither tight nor stiff enough to constrict movement, nor loose and flowing enough to tangle her up. A light bodysuit (without feet) is ideal.

Don’t put her in a walker. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages walkers, and studies show that they can slow motor development and cause back problems. Even worse, walkers can tip over or roll down the stairs, causing injuries. Stationary activity centers, while they don’t carry rough-and-tumble risks, don’t boost skills, either, even if your baby can stand up and play in one. Remember, she needs to develop her torso and arm muscles in order to walk — not just the leg muscles — so don’t keep her in there for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

apa yang elok kita jadikan panduan dan yang rasa cam tak sesuai tuh
tak salah pun kalau kita tak ikut dan buat cara kita
sebab yang penting didikan awal tuh bermula dari kita as parents..

aku nih tengah kebosanan sebenarnya.. ikutkan ada plan nak kuar tapi the guys da kuar
gi mana tah.. tinggal kami (my parents, my sis, SIL n the kids) kat umah..
maybe dorang plan to go out later kot.. ntahlah


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