January 16, 2014


salam semua.. 
apa khabar eh?? hopefully semua yang membaca sihat hendaknya..

hmm let see what should i write today..

maybe i should..
so starting from this year until my girls completed their UPSR 
i'll be staying up late till 5pm at school..
this year they're in year 5 
Kelas Fardhu Ain will be until 435 (Monday n Tuesday) and 505 for Thursday
they will also attends extra classes (in Feb) on Wed and Friday..

i do have options
a. go back home at 135 and come back at 430 to pick them
b. stay at school and do what ever works i can do to kill the time..

and i choose B!!!!

Because going back and fro is just a waste of time... At least for me it is..
If our home is just 5-10 mins away (back n fro) then maybe option a is acceptable but......

Going back home means i need to stop at 5 traffic lights (if all were red when i reached there) and reaching home doing this and that and later when out again and facing the same traffic lights again... Huhu... 

So no need to complaint.. I survived my 1st Thursday by doing this 

and selfie'ing....

there's more but this will do
So poyo!!!!! 

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