June 28, 2014

1st Ramadhan 2014

Mesti ramai yang sedang berterawih sekarang nih.. 
Alhamdulillah.. mesti best kan.. Hoping that i'll managed to go 
but then i need to make sure i have someone to take care of Aisyah while i'm gone
(if boleh pergi terawih di masjid laaa or else buat sendiri kat umah laa)
i prefer going to masjid for terawih actually..

Welcoming Ramadhan al Mubarak..
semoga Ramadhan kali ini yang terbaik dan terindah buat semua..


got this from instagram.. thought of having it here as a reminder 
maybe sharing the info with u all too..

lets not do this ok lovely people

ok.. now this is a cute one...

so that's all.. nothing much to tell actually.. 
now i'm at my mom's place.. 
yeah we're here for our first day of Ramadhan..
but not sure whether we're going to be here for iftar or not... 

Have a great Ramadhan to all...
lets not forget to pray for all Muslim where ever they are...
may Allah bless us with His blessing...


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