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Langkawi 12/2014

Right after i got back from Dhaka, Hn decided to take MIL and SIL to Langkawi. Yeah, we should because we left the kids with them for quite a while during our trip abroad.... So on the 26-27 or was it 27-28/12 all 8 of us went to Langkawi eventhough there are rumors saying that its not really safe to go to Langkawi at that time. But Alhamdulillah...

This was Aisyah first boat ride... Alhamdulillah everything went well... I was worried that she's gonna be afraid of it just like when we went to Sabah but naaa.... She's a big girl now...
Hn promised that he will take them to the beach so yeah... The kids and SIL had fun at the beach. Not me and MIL... I had headache the first day and dont feel like going anywhere. I didnt go to beach on the first day... Slept in the room and only went out at night...

Went shopping at HIG mall and then had our dinner... Then off to bed.
The next day, the kids and SIL went to Underwater World while me n Hn went to buy our tickets back to Perlis. MIL wa…

Roman cinta

- Mojo ft Caliph Busker antara lagu best yang sejak AJL29 asiklaaaa dok humming..

Sejak kamu pergi menjauh Sudah tiada udara untuk diriku hembus Denyutan nadi pun terbentur melumpuh Dalam hening jiwa

Jika kamu tak percayakanku Belahkanlah dada dan kau intiplah di situ Pasti akan jumpa kasih yang menyala meratap dirimu

Kerana kau satu-satunya  Cinta agung yang paling kudamba Tanpamu hilanglah makna Untuk menikmati romancinta

Aku akan setia selamanya Selagi masih bernyawa Pulangkan kembali romancinta Yang kau bawa pergi

Tanpa kamu menyiram kalbu Punah semua harapan larut dalam mimpi Batinku meronta kau ulang semula Menyayangi aku

Kerana kau satu-satunya  Cinta agung yang paling kudamba Tanpamu hilanglah makna Untuk menikmati romancinta

Aku akan setia selamanya Selagi masih bernyawa Pulangkan kembali romancinta Yang kau bawa pergi

Beri semula Hatiku rasa Romancinta

Sumber :


Ya Allah, be kind to me through the survival of my children, setting them right for me, and allowing me to enjoy them.
Ya Allah, make long their lives for me, increase their terms, bring up the smallest for me, strengthen the weakest for me, rectify for me their bodies, their religious dedication, and their moral traits, make them well in their souls, their limbs, and everything that concerns me of their affair, and pour out for me and upon my hand their provisions!
Make them pious, fearing, insightful, hearing, and obedient toward Thee, loving and well-disposed toward Thy friends, and stubbornly resistant and full of hate toward all Thy enemies! Amen! Ya Allah, through them strengthen my arm, straighten my burdened back, multiply my number, adorn my presence, keep alive my mention, suffice me when I am away, help me in my needs, and make them loving toward me, affectionate, approaching, upright, obedient, Never disobedient, disrespectful, opposed, or offenders!
Help me in their upbringing, th…

Dhaka 6 : Wedding Reception

After we've done with the make up thing quickly rush to the venue of the wedding. The Heritage.  Such a beautiful set up and i must give a big shout out to Nawra for being the planner and designer of the wedding. She did very well and I believe everybody love it.

We were the first to arrive and nobody's there yet except for Miema's father in law...  They're still setting up something at the main stage and yeah we're taking the opportunity  to take pictures and do what we did best... 

Hahahah... Well pics are in my fb album and my brother's...  I'll link it here later
Dhaka  (updated)

Me with the sweetest Nawra. The wedding planner..  Such a lovely lady. The only sister...

With my younger brother... 

Us wefie'ing with the bride and groom... Lovely people... Great food.  We had so much fun and we enjoyed the wedding...

Families and friends....

Dhaka 5

Starts our day with a healthy western breakfast... Hahah, yeah bread and jam,  coffee plus fruits. The grapes we bought from a stall when we're in Old Dhaka the day before..

Happy faces because we're going to continue some shopping before the  reception that night..

Baby Ean is such a good baby..  We're not planning to go far because we know that the traffic will be our major problem so Nawra told us to only shops nearby.. 
Chandni Chowk Market
our destination.... A shopping center is a combination of different types of shops at a single place. It’s also called as shopping mall, shopping precinct, shopping arcade, etc. There are different types of shopping centers are available and many of them are specialized for different category. Basically Chandni Chowk MARKET is best place for local fabrics and Jewellery Shops. Chandni Chowk Market, east across the street from New Market.
its like a shopping heaven.. well for some it is.. because everything is affordable and the choice…

Back to school

2015.. First day at school.. 
Alhamdulillah everything went well.. was worried the night before and i couldn't sleep thinking of what will happen the next day.. yeah being a mom made me worried about unnecessary things.. i'm worried that the kids will be having difficulties waking up on time, getting ready on time and we'll be late to school.. but nada.

Dhaka 4

So after we had our lunch, everybody was ready for our shopping.. we went to the New Market because i did some research and turned out that New Market is one of the best place to shop.. and yeah we had fun.. there's a lot of shops (means a lot of options and lots of bargaining) everybody shop for something.. 
when we entered the market we realized that there is this one guy (teenager) been following us.. we wondered why but ignored him because we were told not to really pay attention to these people.. but turn out he's such a helper for us... Good for him eventhough he's not really good in English but he did well.. 👍👍👍

Our first stop was a textile shop. They have nice and cheap curtains to choose. my aunt and SIL bought some curtains for their house. Its was so cheap that i myself wanted to buy a few piece but due to the max weight for our luggage plus i need to shop for all my family members so yeah maybe later. Walking down the alley there's a lot of clothes and f…