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Dhaka 4

So after we had our lunch, everybody was ready for our shopping.. we went to the New Market because i did some research and turned out that New Market is one of the best place to shop.. and yeah we had fun.. there's a lot of shops (means a lot of options and lots of bargaining) everybody shop for something.. 

when we entered the market we realized that there is this one guy (teenager) been following us.. we wondered why but ignored him because we were told not to really pay attention to these people.. but turn out he's such a helper for us... Good for him eventhough he's not really good in English but he did well.. 👍👍👍

Our first stop was a textile shop. They have nice and cheap curtains to choose. my aunt and SIL bought some curtains for their house. Its was so cheap that i myself wanted to buy a few piece but due to the max weight for our luggage plus i need to shop for all my family members so yeah maybe later. Walking down the alley there's a lot of clothes and fabrics to choose.. 

we walked to the center area and dad was buying some kopiah.. so i thought yeah why not i buy this for my friends at school (the guys).. once done, we move on to shops selling clothes like jubah, salwar khamiz... Affordable. Nice quality and full with colors. Words, to describe the clothing section. i managed to buy some jubahs/dresses, some traditional Bengali outfit for my girls and suddenly our time is out.. not enough time to shop here... huwaaaa....

that guy is our guide.. we call him Mr Manager.. he will helped us carry all the things that we bought. Special thanks to him for being such a nice and helpful person...

Next, we went to the Glass Tower.. its like the KLCC but theirs have only a single tower made of steel and glass. I guess most of the people in Dhaka didn't straight away go back to their house because of the traffic, so they went for a walk at the park, have drinks with friends, chit chatting and etc.. 

picture time.. hehe.. 

Just my assumption because there's a lot of people there too.. its like they're having picnic under the open sky.. hahaha... cool.. after working the whole day... 

i think we spent a lot of our time on the road compared to others...  Next was the Food Street area.. they have stalls selling food and drinks.. its good too.. Das was the one who chose to eat here and while waiting for our food we went shopping at a store nearby. it belong to my brother in law's friend. cant remember what they called him.. hehe.. It was actually closed already but he's been so kind and let us shop there. They have everything from kids wear to us adults. Since now it's winter (no snow by the way) in Dhaka so the collections are more towards the season... no pics of us there because everybody were busy shopping.. hahaha... bought more clothes for my kids..

then we went down and ate our dinner/supper... We had like 5-6 different food streets' items o eat... There's chicken, kebab, fish, dimsum (more or less) etc... 

Thanks Nawra for this delicious cake... Again we couldn't finish the cake because we just had our dinner/supper so i gave some of the cake to the kids whose been there since the moment we sat down for our dinner.. there's this girl, we hand her a slice of cake and then she feed her lil sister which was still a baby..  Feel a bit worried because its an icing and cheese cake.. Then, another girl came next to me and ask for more.. They even told me that they are hungry.. By the time they're asking for cake, its already gone.. its true what they told us that we shouldn't start giving them something or else they'll be coming for more..

I actually shared my birthdate with the guy serving us dinner that nite, he was happy because we sang the birthday song to him too. I even gave him some of the cake.. Well, i'm even happier making others happy.. 

a year older.. a special birthday from abroad...


  1. U do some noble things by giving half portion to the poor kids right?

  2. Hehe... Just sharing with them...


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