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#pelangi petang

our first ECC

so yesterday, we had our Perlis English Champs' Camp.. it was organized by the Fasilinus and us as the committee member for our year 3 kids who are still unable to complete K1 and K2.. basically they're are still unable to recognized the letter of the alphabets and also its sound..
it was a 2 day camp and yesterday was the 1st.. we had some opening ceremony by a representative for our YB and bla bla.bla.. we dont really pay attention to the speech because we're here for the kids..

taking pictures with two adorable friends Mrs Jenna and Mrs Fauziah... both are my mentors in my journey of teaching English

the program started with a phonicrobic.. we use the letter sound song and the alphabets song and moved to the beat.. haha... not really an aerobic but yeah the kids and the teachers do sweat and well prepared to start out next activities... we have about 34 kids from few schools and they were then divided into 4 groups.. 

our objective is for the kids to be…


nowadays i shared lot of post in my fb account.. hmm i'm a bit lazy to think of my own status.. haha.. so sharing will be the best way to ensure that my fb account is updated.. haha.. poyo laaa kan.. These are some of it.. hehe.. well yeah even though i'm an English teacher but i have to admit i'm not that good and 'm still learning.. and i think its good to share something like this because everybody will learn something from it ...
#poster #english #learnenglish

i'm in love with you.. hahaha... well that's easy right.. ok thats all for today.. am not planning to write a long post just wanted to share this so...


at mom's and some weddings...

Wednesday everning, packed out bags and drove back to my Mom's... It was unplanned because previously Hn told me he had his rugby training.. Nvmd that because i had already told mom that we're not going to be there this time around...
But suddenly it happened so we went out around 6pm and arrived after Maghrib but straight away to Bertam for dinner and take away some for mama n lil bro...

She insisted to wear a hijab and she wanted to wear this.. Its quite big for her... Arrived at mom's and chatted a bit and later off to bed because everybody was tired Next morning we went out to the market. Bought some fish, veggies and tapau'ed breakfast... Me n mom planned to cook for lunch but we forgot that we hv kenduri arwah to attend so yeah.. 

Off to the kenduri in this and nothing happen the rest of the day...

Friday...Made serawa pisang with sago.. Yummy... When i'm at mom's i ate a lot... Its like everytime i entered the kitchen i'll end up eating something..…


Sungai Baru, Perlis

This was taken on Monday.. Hn wanted to eat bihun sup at Simpang Empat so at around 6pm we went there and had our dinner.. Twin will be having their extra class at school that night so we decided to just hang around and took the kids to the 'beach'....
haha.. well yeah eventhough we have Kuala Perlis but we dont really have a beach.. sekadar persisir pantai jer.. tapi oklaaa kan dari tak dak langsung.. nevertheless ramai kot orang dok lepak2 dengan family ambil angin petang...

Aisyah n Afi were so excited.. pointing at the small boat, the water.. but me, as usual busy taking pics of the cloud.. haha..  later we perform our Maghrib at a mosque nearby (only for Hn because we did ours at the school's surau) 
then the girls straight away went to their classes and we headed home.. Hn got to sent his boys to the bus station..

my Ameera..

Holla... xder mende pun nak cerita cuma saja nak post some pics of me n the lil girl.. This is my Ameera Aisyah now.. Going to be 3 this year.. How time flies.. sekarang dah banyak attitude ini budak kecik.. Pantang sekali kalau nmpk orang siap2 nak keluar.. dia pun kalut cari tudung bagai nak siap jugak.. mujur jugak bukan time nak pi sekolah..

Haritu masa belikan si kakak tudung di Aidijuma dia pun nak jugak selai.. adoiii besar sangat untuk kamu laaa sayang.. tapi sebab nak jugak pakai so amiklaaa yang kakaknya satu... hehe.. takperlaaa lipat kasi jd kecik sikit so dia pun pakai.. tapi pakai pun kejap jer...

semalam mood rajin so masa solat isha' dia pun ikut solat sama.. mujur laaa belikan dia telekung dari Aisyah haritu so pakailaaa n ikut laaa mama nya solat.. Alhamdulillah if she wants to do it than its a good sign..

Hehe.. dont know what to write anymore.. so have a great holiday.. Selamat Tahun Baru Cina to those yang merayakan.. Yang balik kampung berhati2 di jalan ra…

a day out

Assalamualaikum.. Holla everyone.. Welcome back to my humble spot.. Yup change a bit of what we have here before and honestly am not yet satisfied but this will do... 
Had our family day out today... we went to Alor Star. It was actually unplanned so yeah we have no idea where to go.. so our first destination was the Big Aeon... i wanted to go to the DIY shop, just to window shop and perhaps buy something and yeah i did.. haha... no big deal... just some stickers and small things for home...

the girls.. Huhu big girls now.. They're wearing Aidijuma collection... look nice and the design suits their age. 

Since we dont really know what to do but we wanted the kids to have some fun so yeah, get them into the entertainment area and played some games.. haha even the lil girl is having fun.. not that she knows how to run the thing but who cares... she chose her own toys now.. so yeah i want this one mom...

Later we went to Tesco for some groceries shopping.. its been a while since we …


two days ago we lost someone really special to our heart.. al-Fatihah to arwah Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz

May he rest in peace... 
semoga segala apa yang diperjuangkan arwah dapat diteruskan.. he's an idol...



Matahari tak cukup indah
Pada pagi yang suram ini
Malam ku resah kerana
Malam mungkin kelam

Bumi indah cinta punah
Bintang bintang tumpang berduka
Meratapi nasib
Kenapa hari ini

Matahari bangunlah
Indahkan hari ini
Engkau perlu hidupkan semula mimpi kami

Matahari bangkitlah
Indahkan hari ini
Engkau perlu hidupkan semula cinta kami

Lupakan kisah
Kisah yang terjadi
Mengharap sinar
Sinaran darimu

Matahari bangunlah
Indahkan hari ini
Bagi kami terus melayari hidup kami

Matahari bangkitlah
Indahkan hari ini
Bagi kami terus menghidupkan cinta kami

Lupakan kisah
Kisah yang terjadi
Mengharap sinar
Sinaran darimu
Sumber :

as parents

whenever the kids do something wrong..  i'll make sure i'm going to check myself first...