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Dhaka 7

Ok this will be the last one for our trip to Dhaka... 

Basically this is the last day for us in Dhaka. We had breakfast, Bengali style and later went to do some shopping. We went to lots of shopping lots like the Artisan, Artistri, Spark Gear etc. basically these are stores that sells either their own products or imported. Managed to buy more clothes for the kids, Hn and friends. It was a challenge to get something for my friends because basically we couldnt find any fridge magnets or any souvenir in large numbers... 

But yeah we're lucky. So thats done. Out last stops was Priyo. It belongs to a friend of Miema's hubby... I wanted to buy bangles, henna, some salwar khameez and they got everything there... Phewww its like a one stop centre.. Managed to get few gold-like bangles, and a piece of salwar

Something like this one... But without the shawl and pant... Hehe. After few minutes of shopping we walked to a restaurant for our last dinner in Dhaka...
Duhh i've deleted all the pics in my phone. So now i need to get the pics from my fb acc and also my brother's acc.. Yeah thats will have to wait... Once done, a quick tour at Priyo again and off we go to the airport.. Huhuhu... Bye bye Dhaka. It was an eye opener and a great exposure... Well at least for me it was..

Thats it.. 


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bolehlaaa kan...

Penang with SKTTians

Hello November... 
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